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Easel and Frame Choices

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It time to go out with the dog for a walk in Chicago.  It’s a fun place to be off the leash.  Woof!

 Title:  " Grant Park Day "
Ooak  painting  by  Joe Smigielski 

Choose an Easel or frame

Each painting comes with your choice of and easel or frame, in various colors.

The easel  is 5 inches high. 

The frame is 3.75 high x 4.75 wide x 1.5 deep.  Ready to hang or rest on a shelf.

About the Miniature Paintings

Each  miniature  is 100% painted by hand.

They are painted on an encaustic board with acrylic paint.

The paintings measure 2.5x3.5 inches.

Each miniature masterpiece  is titled, and dated and signed. 




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