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 I set out to paint a jazz band, playing  in Chicago.  It was to be painted in a jazz aesthetic.  The strokes are loose but rhythmic.  The colors are  individually explosive, yet they still speak to one another, like individual musicians expressing themselves while listening to the whole.   The strokes were laid down like notes with freedom, intuition and also discipline.  It is one of my synesthesia inspired paintings.  My synesthesia allows me to see sound. Capturing the  music I see  on canvas has been a thirty year pursuit.  I’m getting closer.

The trumpeter is soloing, looking good in stripes and shaggy hair.  The drummer is focused with roller coaster arms that play just behind the beat.  The bass player is pleasantly adrift in the harmony.

An argyle Hancock is colored like a peacock for the occasion.  Marina towers bend in to take a look.  Our new member of the downtown skyline, Vista Tower is present, sporting a fine  cap.  Merchandise Mart and the Wrigley Building are sitting down for the show, taking it in slowly.  Sears cheers.  The Drake shakes.

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Title ”Blue Line Crew”

Size: 24x48 x 1.5 inches

Oil on Canvas, very late 2020

The painting comes shipped on its stretchers, ready to hang.   The canvas is 1.5 inch deep.  The sides are staple free and painted a  neutral gray.   The back is titled and wired, ready to hang.

Another Joe Smigielski original oil painting.

 © 2021 Joe Smigielski Fine Art




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