18x36 Chicago skyline painting | pastel colors | CTA wall art | sailing theme

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Gently rolling hills and pastel hues set the tone on this relaxing Chicago day.  Graceful trains enter the scene from opposite sides of the canvas.  The soft  curve of  buildings invites the sailboats in.  A  centered sun anchors  inward flow of the composition.   Many notable buildings of our skyline are present, including our new member, the Vista Tower.   

Shipping is free.  You may purchase any time but it won’t be dry enough to ship until February 1.  

Title ”The warmth of Broad Shoulders”

Size: 18x36 x 1.5 inches

Oil on Canvas, 2020

This stretched canvas is 1.5 inches deep.  The staple free sides are painted a neutral gray.  The back is titled and wired, ready to hang.

Another Joe Smigielski original oil painting.

 © 2020 Joe Smigielski Fine Art




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