(No more) Festivals


I'm no longer Showing at Art Festivals  

Firstly, I will continue to create art.  I have been doing art my entire life and will always to do art, like a bird has to  sing.

I will continue to show and sell new work here on my website.  

My fifties find me being more introspective. Aside from painting, I want to go back to teaching, to pass along what I have learned about my creative process and painting.  My time is divided between painting and getting the teaching.  Before jumping into painting full time, I taught elementary school art for four years.   I look forward to reaching students of all ages.


  You are also welcome to visit and see my work in person.  We  live in the South Suburbs of Chicago, Homewood 60430.  Reach out to me at:   smigielski@gmail.com

Thank you for fifteen great years of festivals, Joe