Artist’s Statement

I love  seeing the faces of the people as they wander through  my worlds and smile. 

I paint from a place of inner joy, which pours on to the canvas; this spirit is every bit  as important as the subject matter.   My paintings are moments and places which invite the viewer in, evoking a joyful  emotion, memory or desire.

My pieces begin as pure  abstracts.  I start with  aggressive, improvised knife-work, which gives the work a loose, energetic and musical feeling.  As imagery emerges, the slash of the  knife gives way to the finesse of soft brushes, and the subject  and story are coaxed to life.  

Music moves my work.  I  reflect the rhythms, patterns and weaving of sound.  Jazz is my primary ingredient, with it's stretched, underlying mathematics and  expressive meandering melodic lines.

This process of painting is every bit as exhilarating as sharing sharing the finished piece.  Enjoy.