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About Joe

  I grew up in the Detroit area.  I remember being very young sitting  for hours, drawing on the back of  the stacks of ditto pages, that my father would bring home from work;  It was pure bliss.  Making art has been pulling at me my whole life.

I decided to become an art teacher and received a  Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Wayne State University in 1994. Shortly thereafter, I began a  career teaching art to elementary school students.   Young children create art with a  joyful spirit and adventurous freedom from logic.  Their joyful abandon has had  an influence on my own work to this day. 

It was in college that I took a class in oil painting and fell in love with the medium.  Soon I began showing  paintings and immediately, they began to sell.   In 2000, I took the leap and began painting full time.   With  2003 came the move to Chicago.    My work has been in galleries around the country and I do many of  Chicago area's finest festivals.  My wife Tracey Capone, is also a full time artist.  We make our home and studio in Rogers Park Chicago.   Creating from that same blissful place, as I did as a young child, has kept me both free and grounded as life unfolds.