(SOLD) Coffee Couple | 16 x 16 oil painting | breakfast decor | kitchen wall art

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Steam rises from hot mugs of morning coffee, embracing a happy couple. This is a cherished morning ritual, when the outside world melts and time slows.  Inspired by true events.  This is an original oil painting.  The brush strokes in the steam are thickly delicious, like cake frosting.  Rich browns and reds ground the piece, giving a backdrop to the delicate dazzle of the blues and pinks.  

Title: “Coffee Embrace”

Year: 2021

Size 16x16x 1.5

Medium: Oil on Cradled Birch Panel


Thus original oil painting is painted on a cradled birch panel.  The sides are stained and sealed.  It’s wired and ready to hang on your wall.  Concerned about a kitchen setting?  Oil paintings can be wiped with a mile soap solution.  Oils on wood panel are particularly durable, due to the ridged wooden surface.


copyright 2021 Joe Smigielski Fine Art


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