SOLD oil painting of cow and barn | vertical blue farm scene | barnyard kitchen wall art

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Private collection. St Claire Shores Michigan


  The approach to painting it was  was loose.  It was done nearly entirely with a painting knife, which gives it a rich texture.  The knife also lends itself to painting in dabs of paint which mimic the way light plays on surfaces outdoors.  The cow is a lovely series of angled knife strokes.  There is a mild vibration where dabs of differing color quietly bounce off each other.

Contrasting nicely with active strokes, is the calm of the setting.  A cow pauses near a farm stream.  Cows have that beautiful calm about them.   


Title: Blue Sun Cow

Size: 24x36x1.5 

Medium: oil on canvas 

Year: 2020


The edges of the canvas are staple free and painted neutral gray.  The painting is wired and ready to hang.

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