SOLD. Chicago Morning Music | Music inspired Chicago skyline | 2x4 feet

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  I’ll be revisiting the Chicago skyline again, when I begin painting large works  in January.  A few sketches have already been been worked out.  

I love seeing the view of the skyline from Lakeshore Drive and 94. It looks different every time, depending on the time of day, light, weather and even season.   What music I have on at the time in car even makes a difference in my perception.  It’s a never ending inspiration for new directions in paintings.


24x48  painting of the  Chicago skyline by Smigielski.   An L train moves through the downtown architecture.

This piece was inspired by music.   I listen to music while painting.  The weaving rhythms and patterns  of music inspire the strokes in my cities.  The rising, descending, weaving train is the motion of a played note.  The swaying buildings dance.   This Chicago isn't grounded but floats instead,  like music floating on the air. 



Local pickup is an available  at two locations:  Homewood IL 60430

or Andersonville Chicago 60640.

Shipping is available for $60.


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