18x36 Chicago cityscape wall art | original oil painting | skyline wall art | colorful whimsical buildings

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This piece captures that feeling of emerging from the underground train, finding oneself in the swirl of downtown;  the sounds, the towering buildings, the completely shifting scene, every which way you face, as you get your bearings.   It's that moment when one feels like a tiny mouse, a bit startled yet very much in awe of it all.   After 20 years in the city, I still get that thrill.

Three L trains wind their way towards the Hancock building.  Familiar buildings bend, as if the old Hancock tower is telling a story.  Even the sun takes note.  The lean of the Hancock building invites the viewer in.

This original oil painting features richly textured strokes.  The water is a collision of teals and purples.  Arcing cloud forms echo the bend of the trains.  The sun’s light shines in  checkerboard brush marks.

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Title: Next Stop Hancock

Size: 18x38x1.5

Year: 2021

Medium: Oil on canvas

This original painting will be shipped on stretcher bars, ready to hang.  The stretchers are 1.5 inches thick, giving the piece weight and substance  on your wall.   The sides are staple free and painted a neutral gray.  The painting is wired on the back for hanging.







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