4x8 Chicago Skyline- with musicians

October 22, 2020

4x8 Chicago Skyline- with musicians

20 hours total?:  it could be a few more hours, I lost count.  The band and train are perfected.  White is used to give buildings a shimmer of light.  There is a sense of time moving in the piece, which I wasn’t going for.  I’m not  sure  how I achieved that but it is an important road to go pursue.   This painting is a delight.  I will name it after the band, when I name the the band.

Sixteen? hours in:  I’ve lost track of the hours.  The painting is nearly complete.   The black buildings of the background add good definition.  The deep turquoise square  slashes in the sky could have been disastrous  or exciting.  Fortunately I took that leap.    Everything is in place.  It just  needs a little more polish.






Nine hours in:  I knocked back the orange in the sky.  Colors and forms are formed up.  This is the stage of the painting when the spontaneity  gives way to thinking things through.  The loveliness is traded for detail.  It’s not as exciting  but necessary.  From here I will bring music and life back into the scene.


five hours:  more color.  I’m not sure about the orange in the sky.  I don’t want too much blue up there.  Nice cloud forms.  Clouds exploding upwards are inspiring.  This painting will have a lot of green rolling hills in the foreground.  They soften the angular urban  architecture.

 Three hours: better flow. 


This after two hours of painting.  Good hills, good cloud on the right.  I like the tall Marina Towers taking a lead roll.  The sun rays under the Hancock are good.  The green sideways half  heart form on the left might become a band but it is too early to commit.  The muted colors are good.  I might go with them and add pops of stronger color.

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